Central Heating

Hydronic Under floor Heating

Hydronic Under floor heating delivers radiant heat that comes from under your floor. It works on the principle of warm air rising to get heat to the rest of your whare.

There are also electric systems that are not recommended because they are pretty expensive to run.

How it works

Its construction is pretty simple. The heat comes from a series of hot water pipes, which are put in a concrete floor. The hot water inside the pipes heats up the concrete slabs, which is then where the heat comes from for the rest of the house.

It is designed to radiate a constant heat throughout the day, which is then automatically turned down at night.




Radiators work under the same principle as hydronic under floor systems in that hot water is circulated through pipes mounted in your wall. They are quick to respond to your needs as well as making an even comfortable heat throughout.

However radiators can be annoying to install and even more annoying to remove if you decide to renovate.

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