Heat Pumps

Using a heat pump efficiently can greatly reduce your power bill compared to using other electric and/or gas heaters.

Tips to using your heat pump efficiently

  1. Use the thermostat to control when the heat pump turns off and on throughout the day and night. Only using it a few hours at night and in the morning as opposed to having it on all day and night can greatly reduce you energy cost. Also turn the heat pump off when you go away but set the thermostat so that it turns on just before you arrive back home.
  2. Heat only areas consistently frequented. Place the heat pump in an area used the most such as the lounge. This prevents the heat pump trying to heat your whole house saving you money.
  3. Keep the warm air inside. See to all those areas in your home warm air can escape (See Thermal Envelope) ensuring you don’t have to use your heat pump as much.
  4. Keep other sources of heat away from the heat pump. Things such as TVs and computers can give off heat and when placed close to the heat pump can fool the sensors into thinking the room is warmer than it actually is.
  5. Undertake regular maintenance on your heat pump as well as employing professional maintenance help at least once a year

Maintenance help

Getting the Most From Your Heat Pump

Where can I buy a good heat pump?

Below are a list of links to websites that sell and install heat pumps. There are several things to remember first:

  1. Shop around – get the best price for the model you want.
  2. Ask only for heat pumps with the ENERGYSTAR marks. These heat pumps have been proven to be the most cost effective and energy efficient heat pumps on the market.
  3. Use only an accredited installing company. The links below will take you to heat pump manufacturers websites who will have the information on installers they recommend for their products.
  4. Make sure the heat pump is the right size for your house. Ring up any qualified and installer and get advice on how much heat you and your whānau are likely to need. That way you know you’ll be buying the heat pump that is perfect for your needs.
  5. Ask what warranties come with the product. For most accredited installers the products come with up to 6 years of warranty.