Gas Heating

Gas heaters come in two types; flued and non-flued gas. Flued gas heaters are by far the safer option as unflued heaters allow all the yuck gases into your home. Flued gas heaters contain ducts that take any gas emissions from the heater to outside.

Gas heaters can use one of either two types of gas:

Things to consider before buying a gas heater


The Australian Gas Association has a list of models with a rating of 4 stars or higher which means they have proven to be at least 79% or more efficient.

Condensing gas heaters

These models extract as much heat as possible from the gas made from flue gas heaters. This means you get the most energy and cost efficiency from your product.


Use a Registered Gas Fitter because you will need a Gas Certificate. Also make sure, if an electrician is required that he is certified and, if required, an Electrical Certificate of Compliance is issued.

The other good thing about gas heaters is that you don’t need a building consent to have one of these.

Portable LPG heaters

These are the most expensive form of heating and they are also unflued meaning all the gas it makes blows directly into your living room.

Buying these types can be dangerous to the health of your whānau so it's recommended you stay away from these models.